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I was selected to attend an event at the London Frame Studio
organised by Total Greek yoghurt and of course I dragged my
American guest along with me to share the experience.
We were happy/nervous pupils being taught how to Rumba, Salsa
and Tango by the pros - Dee Thresher celebrity fitness expert and
Jesรบs Reyes Ortiz Jr dance instructor from the US.

 O' yes, it was a PROPER work out whilst trying to not look like the odd ones out
...hard work! However, it was fun and very friendly, which helped us shake off
any embarrassment or pressure.

The class was rounded off nicely with a generous spread of tasty food,
refreshments and other great stuff courtesy of Total Greek yoghurt.
If you don't like the gym, this could be an alternative keep fit method for you.

Now I have the hunger for more Rumba dancing so 'Strictly Come' or 'Dancing with' -
here these happy feet come!

More Fun on the Floor

This time it was fun on the 6th floor, where I ate lunch at the London Ken…

This week - HEALTHY FUN

Indulged in a simple but mesmerising salad. Sometimes it's just
the simple dish that hits the spot for me.


The crumbled feta cheesechunks of tomatoes, olive oil
and cubed water melon with a sprinkle of basil herb. It brought
my memories back to the wonderful salad I ate in a
Covent Garden, London restaurant which was at the time
strange but a beauty to my taste buds.

I remember the clever mix of leafy salad and
manderine pegs. Love those salads as a lunch/snack.
Cheese and water melon beats pineapple and cheese chunks
hands down any, any day.

NOW there is a frenzy about coconut oil NOT for ya food
but hair, since Brooke Burke spoke about using the
coconut oil to give her hair a soft and bouncy look.

And I have to agree pure coconut oil has benefits as
long as my arm. Great for any hair type. Fact: Pure coconut oil
makes hair look happy and feel beautiful. You should wiki it!
May be just add it to your hair stapple diet.

Oh yeah on the subject of beauty....Angola won *Miss Universe*.
I didn't watch it haven't done so since I was 10 years old.
The winner is beautiful and I am sure she had lots to say other than
I want to stop poverty and save the world.
So well done for becoming the most beautiful woman in the
universe just like that. My idea of beauty is having a healthy
mind, body and soul if that was a Miss Universe criteria - I wonder
how many women would win.

Having a bad hair week, it looks scary, but I managed to
get through the week without drawing too much attention
to myself so I wore simple colours with not much character.

But on the bright side....not such a bad week me thinks.
I found a brilliant website http://www.saynoto0870.com/
that provides alternative UK low rate telephone numbers
to expensive 0845 or 0870 and so on.

Companies with high rate numbers have been ripping
us off when they could offer cheaper alternative numbers
all along.

The Most Expensive Trainer/Sneaker!

Trainer/sneakers (depending on which side of the Atlantic ocean, you
reside) should be a part of how healthy living enhancing our ability
to do sport and keep fit. But some people have different ideas -
I like a nice looking pair for a fair price but a recent article
made me wonder , what purpose do we think about first when we are
about to buy the shoes for  'health' or 'looks'.

I will just add it to my wish list, a thoughtful donation to me
will be great..wink wink 


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