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I was selected to attend an event at the London Frame Studio
organised by Total Greek yoghurt and of course I dragged my
American guest along with me to share the experience.
We were happy/nervous pupils being taught how to Rumba, Salsa
and Tango by the pros - Dee Thresher celebrity fitness expert and
Jesรบs Reyes Ortiz Jr dance instructor from the US.

 O' yes, it was a PROPER work out whilst trying to not look like the odd ones out
...hard work! However, it was fun and very friendly, which helped us shake off
any embarrassment or pressure.

The class was rounded off nicely with a generous spread of tasty food,
refreshments and other great stuff courtesy of Total Greek yoghurt.
If you don't like the gym, this could be an alternative keep fit method for you.

Now I have the hunger for more Rumba dancing so 'Strictly Come' or 'Dancing with' -
here these happy feet come!

More Fun on the Floor

This time it was fun on the 6th floor, where I ate lunch at the London Ken…


Of course you have to prepare for swimming, cause if you don't there's just so much that could go wrong.
1. Ladies, first thing is first you have to make sure ya mini is shaved appropriately. Don't make that old school error by not looking after the bikini area. Yesterday, I was having a chat with some female friends about shaving down there. It came to light that some others don't believe it's necessary to shave at all cause they are MARRIED!

Hellllooooo, how shocking...allowing bush to ...anyway. I personally would rather shave than appear to a have a codpiece or hedge, as it is not a good look.

2. Next, the leg hair has to go, many women are always up to date and shave regularly but others are not that tentative particularly through the winter or non dating period. However, if you don't shave at any other time you should shave before you go near a pool unless it's your own pool.
You never know which hottie eye candy you'll bump into and I don't know any men who find hairy legs on a female attractive.

3. HAIR Actually I'll emphasise the HAIR,since normally it poses problems for a lot of women.

Look face it, there's a big possibility that your hair is going to get wet even with a cap on. So you should get a product that will protect your hair from the salt or chlorine in the water. I use Perm Repair or a pre swim hair gel  called Sun & Swim watersport protection which I purchased at a drug store ('Boots' for you Londoners). The gel is now called Sun, Swim & Gym shown below. It is great, it doesn't bleed whilst in water it's waterproof and my hair doesn't have that strong chlorine scent.

These products have helped prevent salt or chlorine damage. I personally don't wear caps and my hair is still ok.



 Once you work the protective product into your hair, you could consider braiding your hair or simply putting it in a pony tail or a bun. Although, no harm will be caused if you leave the above products in, I always wash the products out after swimming with my usual shampoo and followed by a 5 mins job with a moisterising conditioner at the pool, I don't wait until I get home. Also, I use a moisturising shampoo to get rid of the product's scent which is tolerable but not desirable.

4.Those who wear bikinis...PLEASE do the bikini check before you wear it to the pool..as you don't want the wardrobe malfunction to happen to you. Tighten loose tie strings, don't wear a baggy bikini cause they are prone to falling, and puffing up in the water and could expose you. I witnessed a girl emerge from the water with her bikini top above her boobs and em not over her boobs...I'll say no more and somebody was kind enough to alert her.

5. If you decide to still wear makeup, ensure you have chosen a good quality waterproof type. Lipsticks are not usually a problem since they tend to be oil based and are fine in the water. Swimming nightmares can be prevented and I hope this blog has helped to lessen or avoid some old school girl errors.

Sophia, SWEET & BOLD


  1. PMSL - you didn't mention armpit hair!!

  2. yes, you are right I did not mention arm pit hair!! I know what you mean however, for hygiene reasons shaving arm pits is a given and should be done regardless of swimming or not... :-)


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